QCBus Quick Charging Station

Safe and Robust Charging Station for any CCS compatible Bus. A step ahead on the sustainability path.


Features & Benefits

  • Charge any CCS compatible vehicle
  • DC power up to 150 kW
  • Built-in communications (3G; LAN; Wi-Fi)
  • On board Module for CCS control available for Bus manufacturers
  • User – Friendly
  • High efficiency > 95%
  • High power factor 0.98
  • Color Screen

QC40B   QC90B   QC150B

The QCBus range is a user-friendly and safe process to charge any CCS Compatible Bus with power levels ranging from 40 to 150 kW.

The QCBus is a flexible and open charging station, able to charge in a standalone mode or integrated in any network, with any central system.
Different Power Levels Available (45, 90 and 150 kW).
The QCBus has a DC output up to 750 V and different available current levels up to 200 A. The battery charging status is displayed in a TFT color screen.
The QCBus has high quality and robust enclosure to ensure extended equipment lifetime, making it ideal for a wide range of installations, both indoors and outdoors.
It’s also possible to personalize it with custom graphics, logos and colors to have the overall look of your brand.

A solution for a more sustainable form of transportation


On Board Controller