Project Description

Efacec charging station at Garðatorgi

Tomorrow, Garðabær opens a new car-charging center for electric cars in the garage at Garðatorgi, in the center of town, thus becoming the first municipality to negotiate with retailers in the fast-paced installation. The fast-charging station is from GARO/Efacec in Iceland. It is 50 kW and will bring them faster on the country. This is stated in a report from Gardabaer.
At the station you will be able to charge two cars at a time, one at a speed and one at maximum load. About 20-30 minutes takes charge of a car at a speed of up to 80-90%. Charging at the station will be free during the year, available to Garðabæjar and Orkusalur, but next year there will be a charge for each car’s charge.
The freight center will be inaugurated at 14:30 on Wednesday, 11 October.

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