Project Description

Efacec fast-charging systems for electric vehicles are equipping 430 km of the German motor-way A9, between Munich and Leipzig, the long-range recently opened


On May, 14th 2014, under the “Schaufenster Elektromobilität” research project, Germany has given a first but great step for the future of the European Electric Mobility, by opening the first long-range motorway infrastructure of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.

On the “Schaufenster-Projektes” research projects, under “Bayern-Sachsen Elektromobilität verbindet” (Bavaria-Saxony Electric Mobility Connects), Siemens, E.ON and BMW have built, along the A9 from Munich via Nuremberg to Leipzig, eight DC fast-charging stations and built the necessary infrastructure. The A9 motorway connection between Munich and Leipzig, with 430km long stretch, is now equipped in 8 location with Efacec QC45 DC Fast-Chargers supporting the drivers of German electric vehicles that can without any concern move through the country knowing that the infrastructure to charger their vehicles is in place.

Focusing on the German charging standards, this Efacec QC45 DC Fast Charging Station support a multi-standard output having both, DC-CCS (Combined Charging System) fast-charging technology, and AC charging system working in parallel at the same time supporting the charging of 2 vehicles at the same time.

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