Project Description

EV chargers in Gdansk, Poland

The company from Tricity is the first in Poland to build a nationwide network of fast chargers for electric vehicles. The new Greenway Infrastructure  has been put into operation at the Matarnia Commercial Park in Gdansk at ul. Golden Inn 26.

It’s already the 11th Greenway charging station in Poland. The recently launched charger is part of the emerging network of nearly 200 charging stations for electric vehicles. The new station installed in Gdansk is a fast charger manufactured by the Portuguese company Efacec, which allows simultaneous connection of two vehicles. One of them can charge very fast using DC power (up to 50 kW), while the other can use up to 43 kW with alternating current. With a modern infrastructure, the battery capacity (20 to 40 kW) to an optimal 80 percent takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes. This allows you to drive about 100 – 180 km. “We are a Tri-City company, so the new station in this place enjoys us twice, because it’s always a nice feeling when the nearest neighborhood changes for the better,” says Rafał Czyżewski of Greenway Infrastructure Poland. – This is our first EV charging station in the Tri-City, but the demand for this type of equipment is very large in Pomerania, so in the whole region will create a dozen different types of chargers our network.