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Fast charging around Europe is about to get even more interesting!

The EV year 2020 started completely unlike 2019 before it. Back when Maingau and Telekom in Germany were competing for market share bringing prices down to amazing value. Especially where DC fast charging was concerned.

Now in 2020 with Ionity and the big January price hike announcement, it all started off on a very different note.
Fast forward to the end of February and what do we have here! A petrol giant (Q8) by way of Tango (unmanned ‘cheap’ petrol stations in NL) recently put up it’s first HPC charging site. And why do I think this is worthy of a blogpost? Couple of reasons.
Yes, take a look at Shell or even Total. (Have you clicked these links? Especially Total…) They have announced plans in the same direction. Q8 or Tango is definitely not the first one to the gate. Look at the station! It’s a brand new Tango station at a site with restaurants next door and so on.

Say hi to: Tango Electric

The webpage isn’t even live yet. But you can click the link anyway. (Or if you’re late to the party, this link might work by the time you’ve come across this article). The ones of you that use Allego (or Innogy and so on) fast charging sites might know the chargers already. Made by Efacec you will see more and more of these appearing around Europe.
I especially like the integration. Just look at this station. Not hidden in a corner somewhere. No, a petrol station like any other, with High Power Chargers right next to the fuel! Yak! Haha yeah the smell will be for free. Hope for the discount!

Many questions

And little in the way of answers, for now. I contacted Q8 and when they’re ready, you will hear it here first. It looks like the regular payment cards Tango supports will be supported by the payment terminals on the machines. This is one of the reasons I wanted to write about the chargers. It may be the kickstart in The Netherlands for more payment modules directly installed on (fast) chargers. Making payments easier especially for people who don’t invest a life (yes hello here I am) into finding the best charging card for a certain HPC provider.
Look at the station on the Tango website. You will notice a discount of more than 10ct/l on petrol. Now that makes one wonder. Will they do a 10ct/kWh discount when compared to regular Fastned pricing? That could mean €0,49/kWh without the usage of a charging card like eins or Maingau.

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