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First look at Shell’s new electric car charging stations being deployed at its gas stations

Earlier this year, oil giant Shell announced that they would start deploying electric car charging stations in Britain and the Netherlands. Today, we get our first look at the custom charging stations that they are deploying and they look just like gas pumps.
Some oil companies are well aware of the world’s car fleet fast transition to electric vehicles and they are looking to adapt. As electric cars increase in popularity, gas stations will be forcefully downgraded to simple convenience stores and consequently, they will lose a significant revenue stream from people stopping to get gas. Shell now hopes they will stop to get a recharge instead. In July, they contracted Allego to deploy and operate the new chargers and one was spotted for the first time last weekend. Tesla Model S owner Dave Davis spotted it at a Shell petrol station in the town of Warlingham half an hour south of London. Interestingly, they branded the station ‘Shell’ and they made it look a lot like gas pumps.
It features 3 ports for maximum compatibility: a CHAdeMO DC fast-charging port, a CCS DC fast-charging port, and a regular Mennekes (Type 2) port.

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