Project Description

The high-speed station is now open 24/7

ElectroCars plans to develop a network of high-speed stations , so we strive to maximize the access to our charging station – you only need to download the OnCharge application to connect to charging and pay for the service.
At present there is an internal tariff for our customers and a general tariff of 5.50 UAH / kWh for all owners of electric cars.
Efacec FastCharger is a multi-standard charging station with support for accelerated charge modes according to the standard CHAdeMO (for Japanese electronics), Combo Charge System T2 (European car production, Tesla for European market) and three-phase alternating voltage (for electric vehicles with built-in AC charger). ) The power of the station allows you to charge up to 80% of even two electric cars at a time in 30 minutes.

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